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    • professional-foot-baths-for-wellness-facilities-made-of-corian-white-slider-top.jpg

      foot basin

      Single, double & XXL

      High-quality foot basins for your wellness/spa area in a wide variety of designs.

      • professional foot basins for wellness facilities made of corian white slider top

        foot basin

        Single, double & XXL

        High-quality foot basins for your wellness/spa area in a wide variety of designs.

      • professional foot basins for wellness facilities made of corian white slider top

        foot basin

        Single, double & XXL

        High-quality foot basins for your wellness/spa area in a wide variety of designs.

      Professional foot basins

      Made of Corian "mineral material" in various designs and colors

      Hello and nice to have you here, in this blog post we would like to give you a better understanding of our own brand, our professional Corian series foot basins and why they are always the right choice for your home or wellness area.

      No matter whether you are looking for a foot basin privately or for your wellness facility, good advice is expensive and the online market can hardly be overlooked, which is why we have been offering our customers professional foot basins for sale for several years, and exactly the ones that we also have in our Install wellness facilities.

      The Corian series, which is available in a wide range of variations, eg single foot basin, double foot basin and with or without a base or in different colors "depending on the mixture", is only available from us! The material consists of a mixture of minerals and is very durable and can last for generations before it shows the first signs of fatigue. So the investment is worth it.

      But not only the material is first class, but also the simple assembly, which every craftsman will love. Read more about the product below, as well as technical drawings etc.

      foot basin icon timeless design

      Timeless design

      foot basin icon material

      Durable & Robust

      foot basin icon configurable


      foot basin icon models

      Various models

      Corian double basin

      Made of 100% Corian "mineral material"

      Our classic, the double foot basin from the Corian series, made of 100% mineral material, we recommend this to our customers as a professional system builder, with over 25 years of experience, out of conviction about the product.

      The timeless design and the simple structure are intentional, as this ensures high stability, durability, a robust structure and easy customization with e.g. various amateurs etc.

      Due to the simple and timeless design, the foot basins fit into almost any system and do not stand out too much, just the right balance between functionality and appearance!

      You can get our foot basins individually, double in small, large and XXL and other versions, take a closer look at the downloads.


      Here you will find all relevant and important downloads for our product.

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      Interested in product advice or even a wellness or sauna facility?

      Corian premium foot basin

      What makes a foot basin a premium product? Of course, the material and the design, but that's not all for us. In close cooperation with the contract manufacturer, the final design and construction has been refined over the years. For you as a customer and wellness facility operator, this also means that you can rely on a product that has gone through a number of important development steps, which is noticeable, for example, with simple assembly or the robust construction made possible in the first place by many tests.

      But there is something much more important than customer and system owner, the support and the security that you will still get the same model or spare parts even after years and that is exactly where the cheap product separates from what we can offer you here as a professional system manufacturer, because you not only buy a product, but also the service behind it over many years. You can rely on the fact that we can still come up with spare parts years later or that we are at your side with advice and assistance when expanding your system.

      We have been installing our Corian series and the associated foot basins for more than 10 years and the systems and products they contain still look like they did on day one! But the issue of maintenance and cleaning is also becoming more and more important and we can score there too. All drains and inlets or moving parts can be removed and cleaned or replaced quickly and easily.

      High-quality & durable foot basins

      Foot baths complete the wellness effect and an associated sauna session or Kneipp therapy, which stimulates blood circulation. But a warm footbath in the foot basin is also highly recommended before the sauna, because the body is prepared for the great heat in the sauna.

      Our high-quality foot basins are made of high-quality "Corian" material in a timeless design and are available in many different sizes and shapes.

      foot basin corian foot pedestal


      Simple, fast and uncomplicated!

      Your craftsmen will love it, it has never been so easy to set up and connect a foot basin. To make it as easy as that, we have detailed assembly instructions with pictures for you to download. The simple and sequential and systematic construction makes it even possible for inexperienced fitters to get the assembly done with a little reading. It is also possible to subsequently move our foot basins. Simple as it gets!

      Modular & individual

      Various models & configurations

      Our foot basins from the "Corian" series are available in various sizes, from small, medium to XXL and either individually or as a double version, in the color or with the amateurs you want. As a special feature, you can even order the base individually in a different colour, this is only available from us!

      foot basin corian single double combination
      foot basin corian easy cleaning u amateur

      Plain & Simple

      Robust due to simple design & easy cleaning!

      Robust thanks to a simple design that fits seamlessly into any system and does not stand out too much. With the simple but well thought-out design that we have developed over the years, cleaning or maintenance is also child's play and can be carried out quickly and easily by everyone.

      With the simple and sleek design, our foot basins fit into almost any facility or spatial design.

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