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    company history

    FIRE & ICE Wellness Spa Group GmbH

    Nice that you are here and are interested in our company history. With over 25 years of experience in the trade, the associated technology and the products and projects, we have already experienced a lot. When we were founded in 1995, we laid the foundation for our success here in Treidlkofen.

    Over the many years we have experienced and learned a lot and have improved with every project and the associated task. With a lot of experience, we are already looking forward to the future and the tasks and projects associated with it.

    2023 & the future

    2023 and onwards...

    Further growth in the area of ​​wellness and sauna facilities, energy recovery for large-scale systems, as well as increasing the market reach of Fire & Ice in the online area beyond the borders of the EU.


    More living space for skilled workers & digitization

    Extension of living space for employees and fitters
    Comfort rooms & single rooms with bathroom and kitchenette including
    free fiber optic internet for web & telephony

    Restructuring, expansion and expansion of digital sales channels on cross-platform systems to the state of the art.


    Residential conversion & new employees

    Start of the conversion of the residential building for employees and fitters who come from outside, due to the local lack of skilled workers for the areas of architecture, draftsmen, construction technicians,
    carpenters, plant mechanics, tilers, furnace and air heating installers and fitters, marketing & business people...


    company merger

    Merger of:
    Fire & Ice Wellness Spa Group GmbH
    FIRE & ICE Wellness GmbH

    to Fire & Ice Wellness Spa Group GmbH

    with the exercise of activities of a general contractor in the segment of plant construction of spa wellness facilities, energetic renovations and environmental technology.


    Online shop

    Digitization of an online shop & associated system structure for direct sales and spare parts trade.


    Extension of customer groups

    Development of numerous new projects in Eastern Europe Belarus, Russia, Crimea-Ukraine in the area of ​​sauna and wellness facilities in villas and hotel complexes.


    Energy consultant training

    Further training in energy consultants (HWK) for the execution and planning of systems in the field of wellness and sauna systems.


    Training and expansion - project planning and development

    Further training for SPS specialists (HWK) (programmable logic controllers)

    Zelger Tiles & Thermenbau changed its name to

    Capital increase from 25,000 euros to 100,000 euros
    Sole managing director: Georg Zelger

    In the future, everything will be carried out in one company to simplify processing.

    From project planning to turnkey handover (according to customer requirements). The company FIRE & ICE Wellness GmbH
    takes over projects for the renovation and modernization of energy-intensive sauna systems with immediate effect.

    With the construction & expansion or expansion of systems, we can now implement and guarantee the energy or heat recovery of corresponding systems.

    Implementation of our new and more pronounced Mediale Spa knowledge in the Limes Therme in Bad Gögging.


    Expansion of medical products

    Medical-SPA prevails. With increased customer demands on the topics of "healthy wellness" and "inhalation therapies" (brine, oxygen), for example, we have responded to the increasing demand by expanding our product range, both for pure sales and for the construction of these systems.


    Order from Poland

    Large-scale project "Aquapark Wroclaw" in Wroclaw with various saunas and a large wellness area.


    Order United Arab Emirates & establishment of new innovations

    First worldwide order from the United Arab Emirates by exhibiting at the "Beauty World, Wellness & Spa Exhibitions".

    This resulted in the following orders:
    - Several private spas exclusively equipped
    - Complete planning for an Arabic private clinic
    - "Beauty Health Tower"

    Innovations in 2006:
    Energy savings of 30-50% possible. We at FIRE & ICE WELLNESS have been able to implement what we have thought about for a long time. Our reference project is the Austrian "Grand Park Hotel" in Bad Hofgastein. The additional investment required for this pays for itself after just 1-2 years.


    EU bulk orders

    First EU orders outside the German-speaking area. Spa and wellness hotel Queen of Monte Negro as a complete expansion with an order volume of 600,000 euros with an order time of almost 4 months from planning to complete handover including commissioning.


    Remodel & Special Order

    Introduction of GfK products (reinforced fiberglass) to meet the highest requirements in commercial areas, especially in steam and brine steam baths.

    Key order (from planning to handover)
    First general contractor interior fittings order from Kurbetriebsgesellschaft Bad Zwischenahn GmbH. A wellness village with 4 houses, order volume: 900,000 euros. The order time was just under 3.5 months from planning to complete handover including commissioning.



    Further training as a technical business economist in relation to the increasing size of the company.


    FIRE & ICE Wellness Ltd

    Takeover of the business shares from Dipl. Ing. Boris Engel by disbursing the shares. Sole owner & managing director: Georg Zelger.


    Splitting up the sole proprietorship

    Zelger Tiles & Thermenbau GmbH
    Owner & Managing Director: Georg Zelger

    - Execution of tile, panel, mosaic and natural stone work
    - Special seals
    - Therme construction of individual cabins and complete systems as GU

    FIRE & ICE Wellness GmbH
    Owner & Managing Director: Georg Zelger 50%
    owner & Managing Director: Dipl. Ing. Boris Engel 50%

    - Sales
    - Project planning
    - Technical planning of plants

    Georg Zelger Ofenbau (sole proprietorship)
    Owner: Georg Zelger

    The sole proprietorship fulfills the areas:
    Capital and real estate management

    - Execution of exclusive private building projects
    - Whole house system heating with tiled stove
    system - Systems for low
    - Wall heating
    - Wall and ceiling cooling in combination with a heat pump for heating and cooling
    - Controlled living space ventilation


    First EU orders

    First foreign orders in Austria and Switzerland, e.g. B. Lenk, Weisensee via the former Hufeland partners.


    further education

    Master's degree for stove and air heating installers, as well as further training around "HWK", electrician for installations & extensions and official entry in the craft register as master craftsman.


    Craft Master

    Master title in tiles, slabs and mosaic for existing and new projects.



    Starting your own business with a clear goal in mind!

    Happy customers

    From the inquiry to the finished project!

    As a company that specializes in the project planning, planning and creation of sauna/wellness facilities, we deal with a wide variety of people, plans, environments and challenges. We are all the more pleased that we have already been able to look after so many great projects and customers.


    We are looking for you!

    Be part of the team...

    As a professional in the areas of wellness facilities, sauna construction, spa & energy recovery, we are always looking for talented people who will support us in projects over the long term.

    If you're one of the doers, one of those who don't give in and would like to continue your education, then you've come to the right place! You will never get bored here!

    Always working for you!

    Sauna & wellness facility construction

    We are there for you every day of the week, with permanent contact persons on duty, even at the weekend on the construction site if it has to be! Professional and rock-solid plant construction from professionals. Give us a call :-)

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    We are looking forward to your contact


    Great projects

    Good cooperation & support

    Planning a project hand in hand right from the start, building it up and supporting it over the years is not only important today, but also in the future!